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Create your favicon “web icon” with the help of a favicon generator. It's a really great tool for coders and website owners to create an icon for their website or anything. This favicon generator is really great for your use.

About favicon Generator online free tool

Favicon short name “favorite icon”  generator for your social media and website and web browser, shortcut icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, etc. 

 It's really a good tool to create an icon,

In 2003 Microsoft had released this with Internet Explorer 5. It's when someone bookmarks the website then in the bookmark this Favicon used to be shown, but then there was a problem with it that it doesn't work properly. 

Original Is used to be called Favicon.icon and used to be placed in the website root directory. Even this favicon was used in the internet bookmark which was next to the URL. but there was a side effect and that was every bookmark user had to request the favicon for the icon but now it no longer exists.

Favicon is recommended in 4.01 Html by the world wide web consortium. 

Advantages of Using Favicon generator tool

Advantages of Using favicon generator are as follows: 

  1. Favicon enhances the ability of web traffic.
  2. It also strengthens the consistency of website design solutions.
  3. Favicon also increases web awareness and Helps in branding.
  4. It also allows users to find pages easily and quickly.
  5. People can already recognize it easily.

How to use this Favicon generator tool

It's a really useful and free online tool for online marketer and also for web developers. They take advantage of it when they need favicon creation.

Go to our website and then search for a favicon generator you will find right then after finding it click on it.

You can bookmark this tool for feature uses so that you don't have to find it again. Even if you don't save it you will get stuck some day and wonder on which website i have found that tool so it will be better if you bookmark it right away.

After opening this tool you have to upload your icon you want to use as a Favicon icon.

After That you can download and save it to your computer and use it while you develop your website or customize your website.



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