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What is GEO IP Locator?


This tool is really great this Kind of tool helping a lot of people in the whole world. This tool has become really normal in this world and this tool has no use in this world. Anyone in this world can use this tool to locate the IP address and even Geolocation of any website. Something some people want to or need to locate their website IP location which is always in numbers.

Every location in this whole world has been given an IP location as in numbers to locate that place very easily and keep tack on that location to see what people are doing in that location. It is an international protocol which helps much company to collect correct data about the audience and those people behavior.

Even the GEO IP LOCATOR tool helps you to do so many things, suppose you lost your phone then how you will find it there is an IP address that is always connected to your phone. When your phone has internet on your website.  You will be able to find your phone which this app too. There are some other apps and online tool which will help you do that too. Even Google provides this kind of tool to locate your phone when you have lost it. Just you have to have an email id logged in your phone and then you will help you find this tool.

If you want to know where your many website visitors are coming from then you will be able to check with this tool. It can be a great help for a website owner who really concerned about his visitors.

Even if you own an eCommerce website then it will help you to analyze your visit location and so that you will be able to target them with them when you will run ads for your products. Those visitors are more likely to buy your product and will convert into the customer of you.


Let see how this tool will be helping you and what kind of data will help you measured this tool.

  • This tool will help you to know your GEO plugin Request.
  • This will help you know Geo plugin status.
  • It will help you in Geo plugin Delay
  • Also, this tool will help you Geo plugin Delay
  • This tool will also give you information about Geo plugin Country Code
  • Geo plugin Country Name will help you find IP counter name.
  • Geo plugin Continent Code will help find the continent code of that country of your IP Location.

There are many other things which this tool will help you find information about. And that’s why this tool is really grated and even it’s really easy to use.


Using this tool is really easy and really awesome. It’s a free web-based tool that anyone can use.

If you are in this tool or in this website then that’s as you can see a text box where you will text your website link or you can simply copy-paste any link here.

So what you have to do is simply click on the open URL and then you have to click on the submit button which is given below the text box.

Then you will be able to see your all Geo IP Location of your website.

This is how this tool work and will be able to help you.

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