Image Resizer

Even though it also consumes a lot of time to upload files on your internet website. When your image file is more than a requirement then also you have to compromise yourself and then you look for how you can upload this file on your social media website without losing your real image quality.

Image resizer tool by Taskvio is a free online tool that helps you to resize your image in a very simple way.

It also compresses your image so that you can upload it online very easily on your Email, website, and other social media page.

How image resizer tool is going to help you

While we use social media we have to face a lot of problems uploading our photos and images. Sometimes it happens because your image height is more than the requirement and sometimes you have to face problems because of width right. So our Image Resizer tool is here to help.

What you have to do is simply upload any of your chosen images here and then you can upload it here.

Now what you can do is you can change the image Width and height size as per your requirement and if you want to maintain the aspect ratio of your image then you can simply tick a mark on it so that it can maintain your image aspect ratio.

What is the image aspect ratio? 

So as to deal with the proportion of a day with CSS make adaptable components that keep their proportion (4:3, 16:9, and so on) when resizing the program window. Now, What's the proportion? The perspective proportion of a part depicts the corresponding connection between its width and stature.

How to use this Image resizing tool?

Simply go to our website home page and then search for Image resizer.

After finding this tool click on it and open it.

Then you can Upload your Image here whatever you want to resize.

After uploading your image you just simply click on the Resize button to resize the image and then you will get a newly resized image. 

And this is how you can use this tool. You can resize any kind of image format and any size of your image here with this tool.


Q. How This Tool Will Help?

A. This Will Will Help You Resize Your Image In Your Choice Of Size!!!