what is An IP Location Tool?


An IP location is a tool that with the help you get all the information related to that IP address. Such as if you have an IP address. And you want to find out all the information related to this location. From which country and from which location that particular IP address is based.

This IP location basically gives you the geographical information. Which counter in the world or in which specific city they are located?

This tool is a free tool that is really easy to use. You can add multiple IP addresses in bulk. This tool will help you locate the address of that particular IP address. You have to enter all the IP address line wise.

One IP Address per line is a good way to define each IP address so that it will not mix up with each other. Because IP addresses are in unique numbers and IP. You will put all the numbers in the same line then it will be very hard for the tool to figure out what are you looking for. So that’s why you have to enter every single IP address in a single line.

What is the importance of an IP ADDRESS?

We all use the internet on our devices and that device gets connected to each unique address. The unique address of an IP helps every device to send and receive information on the internet. So if you don’t have a proper IP address you will not able to receive that information. It's the same as an email address you send to anyone. But if you do not have a proper email address then you will not be able to send and receive any kind of information.

You know that the internet is also filled with viruses, so many hackers. The hacker tries to violate your IP address. So that whatever you will do on your internet it will get affected. Many websites will not give you access to it. You will not be able to get the information you are looking for on that website.
This is the same way if you have the IP address of that hacker then you will be able to track him. And you will be able to protect your personal information on the internet.


Using this tool is really simple and this tool is totally free so any individual can use it any time they want.

Just follow some simple steps to use this tool:

Go to our website and open the home page you will see a search bar in that search bar enter IP LOCATION. It will show you the tool. But if you want to do then you can do that it depends on your own choice of how you want to find this tool.

So after you will be able to find this tool you will see a large box. Where you are going to but all the IP address that you want to see the geographical location. By putting them in line-wise but not in the same line.

After that you will finish putting your IP address line-wise then you will click on the submit button. Which has been given below the box? You will get all the result in a second of all IP address that you have entered and also you can copy it if you want to for your own personal use.

Note: Bookmark this tool so that you will be able to use it when you have the need for this tool.

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