What is minify js TOOL, what is does?


JS Minifier will help you to minimize your javascript code file, this tool works the same way MINIFY CSS tool works. JS minify tool will help you short your JAVASCRIPT CODE and also it will optimize it in a way that your website will look great and even your software you will make with it will work smooth.

The interface of your website or software will be more convenient and this tool will help you make your website faster means if you have less data with is enough to make your website grate and responsive and faster than you must remove the unnecessary java Scripts.

What this tool does is it will compress your all JavaScript code in a very short file so in this will you get more space in your host storage and because of this your website works more smoothly and more effectively.

You have to just copy your javascript code and just you have to paste it in to text box or even you want to write your codes here you can do that as well.





There is a lot of advantages of this tool which will help your website or any web developer.

By using this tool it reduces the file size of your javascript and that will help you n speed you’re your website.

This will make your website more effective and more navigate able so that you will be able to work more effectively with your website.

The uses of bandwidth will be decreased.

The Server load will be decreased because of merging the JavaScript file in one.

This tool is online and totally free that anyone can use it anytime they want.

You can bookmark this tool for feature uses so you don’t have to find this tool again in your desktop.



As we know this tool is free and it is really a good tool which will help you do your work easy. Make your code very smooth to work on any server and load time of your webpage will be decreased.

In taskvio.com home page you will find lot of tool which is really useful for every one and for daily work we do out tool will help then do that work vary fast without using any formula.

So go to our website and find minify JS tool to minify the JavaScript file, you can with this method to find the tool easily CTRL+F and then type MINIFY JS and then you will see the tool will come out so easy and it will show you where is it.

After you will find this tool open it and then past your JS code here by coping in to the text box and then you will be able to minify it.

Now after you will copy the JS code in the given text box you just have to click on the convert button to minify the file. 

Q. How This Tool Will Help?