What is text case converter and what are the uses of it?

Text Case Converter is a complete set of text tools at your fingertips. which helps you convert any kind of text into a Sentence case, Title Case, capital case, Lower case, Upper case of words in a second.

This tool is really effective for content writing and for a content writer, digital marketer, and SEO Manager.

You can Analyze your content here and you can also manage text cases as per your requirement.

While writing any content we make lots of mistakes and this tool can help you fix them in a second.

Work interface of Text case converter

Text Case Converter work interface is really simple and easy, what you just have to do is you can just copy any content you want to work on and you want to do some changes by using our text case converter tool.

You can also upload your file here if you don't want to copy-paste, because sometimes if you have long content then it takes time to copy certain content to make any changes. 

So if you have already separate content then you can directly upload it here and do whatever changes you want to do easily.


What you can do with these tools.

There are five common tools that you can use to make changes in your content. which will help you improve your content.

Sentence case

Sentence cases will help you convert your first letter into the upper layer of your whole content.

Example: As you can see in the upper sentence there is only one upper letter and there is no other upper later in the whole sentence rather than just one which is “S” starting from upper later.

So this is How Sentence case tools work.

 Makes everything lower expect First latter and “T

Title case

Capitalize the first character of each word Omitting common stop words such as by, and, or, on, and at, etc.

Capitalize case

Capitalize the first character of each word Such as Apple, Ball, Pan, Book, etc. 

Lower case

Lower case Lower each character inside the strings or it will convert your all content into a lower case such as apple, ball, pan, book, etc.

Upper case

It will convert all your content characters into upper letters such as APPLE, BOOK, BALL, ROCK, etc.


Q. What Kind Of Text We Can Convert Here?

A. It Will Help You Convert Your Text In To The Sentence Case, Title Case, Capital Case, Upper Case, Upper Case Just In A Second