What is torque converter tool?


Torque is a linear force equivalent to rotation. We also call it a Moment, a moment of force, rotational force, or turning effect, it’s all depending on the field we study. The common simple of torque is (τ or M).

The SI unit of torque is N-m means newton meter that is equal to the joule but it is not expressed in joule.

Our online free torque converter tool will help you convert your one unit into another unit. Such as if you want to convert your unit Newton meter (N-m) into Dyne-centimeter (Dy-cm), Newton meter (N-m) into Kgrf meter (Kgf m), Newton meter (N-m) into Ibf inch (Ibf-in), Newton meter (N-m) into Ibf foot (Ibf ft.).

This tool really grates to use and it will help you so much and mostly it will help students and we have made this tool for the student.

Nowadays everything goes online and students spend most of their time online so this tool and our website will help them to calculate online very easily when they need to calculate anything.


There are some common advantages of the torque converter tool.

First when you do calculation offline on your book then you have to apply a lot of formula and go through the right equation so that you get the original result the original value but there you will do it so easily you will have to just put some of your value and then select the unit you want to convert in.

Second, when you will do it offline it will take a lot of time to calculate so this tool can help you with that and do your calculation in a second.

It’s really helpful for the student, teachers, and scientist and also any individual who want to use it.

You can use this tool anywhere from your pc or from your smartphone so you don’t have to worry about anything because everyone has internet these days so they can come to our website and simply calculate here.


This TORQUE CONVERTER tool is really simple to use, it an online free tool that anyone can use it. This tool is made for most students and to use this tool.

Students are the ones who do mathematics all the time and even teachers and scientists, and most of the time they need this kind of calculator to solving questions. So this tool is really nice and it will help you convert one unit to another so it is going to be a very helpful tool.

So let’s see how you are going to use this torque converter tool.

Go to taskvie.com home page and scroll down to find torque converter tool you can also find it by search bar that has given on the home page.

After you find the tool you have to open it and then when you will open it you will see 2 two windows a forum where you can exchange the unit and put numbers in the text box so that you will get the result in whatever unit you wanted to change. Such as if you want to convert Newton meter (N-m) into Dyne-centimeter (Dy-cm) then what you have to do is you have to select the first unit in the first window like if you have the value of newton meter but you don’t have the value of DYNE-centimeter so in the second window forum you have to select Dyne-centimeter and after that, you have to put the value of newton meter in the first window text box and then you will get the result automatically because this tool has already designed in a way to put their own calculated value to calculate the value you will put on it.

If you want to use this tool in the feature then you should Bookmark this tool and you’ll be able to use it in the feature.

Q. What Is The Symbol Of Torque?

A. The Symbol Of Torque Is (Ï„ Or M).