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What is URL Encoder and Decoder tool

What are the uses of a URL encoder decoder?

The specification of URL RBG 1738 states that only small groups of characters are allowed to encode and decode such as.

A to Z all character are converted in to (- hyphen and dash)
A to z all small character is converted in to ( _ underscore)
0 to 9 all numbers are converted in ( . period)
+Plus sign is converted into ( * Asterisk or star )
$ Dollars are converted into (! Ascalametric mark)
( Open bracket are converted in to ( ‘ single codes' )
 the close bracket is converted in to  (       )

Let's understand how URL encoder work

URL encoders already have their specific simple sets to encode any URL and any kind of symbol. URI encoder is a general name of the encoder but some of the other names are available to URI Uniform Resource Identifier, URN Uniform Resource Name, URL Uniform Resource Locator.

Let's see all the numbers and symbols get changed by their own separate specific defined character.
$ Dollars sign become %24
+ plus become %2B
, become %2c
& becomes %26 etc.…

How to use URL converter tool

The URL Encoder-Decoder tool is really nice and very easy to use. You can just copy-paste it here or you can just simply upload it from your computer if you have already saved it or you can also upload it from dropbox and your drive folder. All options are available.

If you really want to use this tool you have to go to taskvio.com home page and there you will find the URL ENCODER DECODER CONVERTER.

First,  Open the URL ENCODER AND DECODER Tool and then write your URL in a text box or you can simply copy-paste it and you can up0load it from your computer if you have already saved it.
Second, After you select your file or you text it into the text box then you can just simply click on the Encode and decode button.
Third, You will get the Encoded code and decoded results from here.

It's really easy to use and really useful and the best part is you can encode unnecessary links from here and you will find out if it is a spam link or what.
Suppose someone on your email id sends you a mail because usually, we get a lot of emails from the subscriptions to link rights from some many websites so there are tons of emails are really spam but how will you know if it is a Spams link or useful like and also from where you have got the email.


Q. What Is Encoder And Decoder In Digital Electronics?

A. This Encoder Will Help You Convert Your Information In One Format To Another Format.