Every country has its own voltages supplies chain and they provide their consumer their own stand raised voltage on the behalf of the standard system and low in that country. As you can see in the United States they have their voltage supply at 110 volts, while another country such as Europe has their standardized in amperes and Columbus.

In India, the voltage is 220 volts and the frequency is 50Hz. But mostly we get in India 120v. and I think that is enough to charge a phone laptop even if you use AC any air-conditioner or cooler, fridge or washing machines then you will be able to use with that much voltage.

It’s really necessary to get voltage at a certain point of the standard system because it also manages the wastage of voltage and keeps make that voltage usually.

This voltage converter is really useful for students because this tool will help them to convert one unit to another unit. When they study science they get a lot of questions and equations related to voltage in the chapter related to electricity.

So it's really helpful for the students and also teachers or any individual who wants to or needs this tool.


Using a voltage converter will help you a lot it's totally free online tool that anyone can use whenever they want.

To use this tool you have to go to the taskvio.com home page and then you have to scroll down and then you have to find voltage converter after you will find the tool open it in the new window or you can open it in the same one.

When you will open it you will get the tool all option from where you will be able to convert whatever you want such as if you want to convert coulomb into ABcoulomb then you will be able to do so 1 coulomb is equal to 0.1 ABcoulomb and this is how it works, you can put any numbers here and it will show you the right answer.

Q. Do We Have To Use Formula To Calculate Voltage?

A. No, We Don't Have To Use A Formula To Calculate The Voltage.