What is Website Page Snooper and what are the uses of it?

Self-learning is a must and if you do that you can search on Google some website. And Try to make the same website as you have seen on Google. if you don’t know how does it has made then you can use this tool and look inside this website. how this website page has been made.

this tool is made for web developers and digital marketers and An SEO guy. If there is any problem with the website then you will be able to look where the errors are on the website. Even after they will find out the error they can fix it.

An SEO guy can help to solve in technical SEO. That is they are related to the codes where they will do their technical SEO. Technical SEO is used to solve the SEO problem of the website. Such as in SEO terms so many rules and regulations and a lot of factors are really important in it.

Some of those are your website speed should be grate loading speed. Whenever someone clicks on your website it should not take much time. Because if it does then your SEO ranking and website ranking and visitors will be drop.

Nobody likes to wait for your website to load. So that they will be on your website rather than doing this they will be searching for. Other sites to get the information they want from your website.


These tools have so many advantages. These are beneficial for any web developer, SEO Specialist, or Digital marketer. Any individual who wants to use this tool.

If you will use this tool you will be able to see your website insight. so and if you find any errors then you will be able to solve them.

By using this website page snooper you will be able to see the competitor website insights too. That will help you improve your website. And even you will be able to improve the SEO of your website.

You will be able to optimize your website on an SEO basis or as a website improvement basis.

If you a guy know SEO and also know to code so you will be able to technical SEO for your website. And you will see it on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

As you improve your website SEO, we even call it on-page SEO then it will help you rank higher on the search engines.


This tool is a relay free and web-based tool that anyone can use any time they want.

Now see how you can use this tool, anyway it’s really easy to use and really reliable.

Of course, you’re on this page, and that how you are reading out instructions. So as you can see on this tool you have given a box where you can enter your website link or you can copy & paste here.

After you will paste the link in the text box you have to click on the view HTML code and it will show you the HTML code.

Now you will be able to see all the HTML code and you will be able to compare the website.

Note: If you are new n this website then you can simply find this tool from taskvio.com home page.

Tips: bookmark this tool for feature uses.

Q. What Is A Responsive Website Or Webpage?

A. Website Are Commonly Described As The Collection Of Web Pages Where We Can Put Content. Every Website Have A Separate And Unique Domain Name Which Is Published On A Server. Such As Taskvio.com