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It is free and online software which help you to visit the various site online on the internet. The most browsers are popular brewers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet explorer. At right, movement Chrome is the best browser that is used widely in the world and it’s so popular.

You have some other browser that you can use for various reasons. Of course, there is some difference in the operating system. Such as the Safari browser will work in a better way in a mac OS rather than Windows and Linux.

Even if you want to delete your browser from your computer then you will be able to do so. Now a day every browser has been developed in a way that will comes with a feature that will assist you in how to use it.

Why do we need what is my browser tool?

Knowing more about your browser aside from just its name comes very handy if you're building a replacement website and you would like to understand how it appears on different browsers. To try to do this more efficiently you'll even install different browsers then use this tool. Once you recognize the browser, now you'll modify your website or application accordingly.

If you're using the web in an online café, you would possibly want to understand about the pre-installed browser that you simply are using or changing it as per.

Most of the regular internet users know well which browser they're using or want to use just by watching it. The tool is specifically helpful for really new users, who have just stepped into the vast world of the internet and they don't know what it is.


Here are some advantages that are really great and will help you in so many different things to your browser and you will be able to analyze your browser.

  • Preserved Digital Chain of Custody.
  • Safe Website Searching.
  • Maintain Anonymity While Investigating.
  • Gain Easy Access to Restricted Websites.
  • No Manual Maintenance or Patches.
  • You will be able to analyze your browser on your computer so that you won’t face any kind of difficulty browsing it.
  • You will be able to see check the browser where’s about.


To use this tool is really simple and it’s really convenient. It’s an online tool that is totally free to use.

If you are new on our Taskvio website then as you can see a lot of tool in the home page and also there a search bar from where you can find any tool which is on this website. But of course, you came here to use this “what is my browser tool” then of course you will find this tool.

You can search for this tool in the search bar or you can find it manually.

Ok so after you will find this tool you will have to open this tool and you will see a large layout where every detail about this browser has been write that what it is going to do and how it will help you.

Now what you have to do is you have to click on the open URL and then you will be able to see your browser Screen Width, Screen Height, Window Inner Width, Window Inner Height, Window Outer Width, Window Outer Height, Screen Color Depth, Screen Pixel Depth.

This is how it works and these are the thing you will be able to check from this tool.

Tips: Bookmark this tool for feature uses.


Q. How This Tool Will Help?