2D geometry calculators Tools

Calculators covering formulas for standard 2D plane and 3D solid geometric shapes and trigonometric functions.

Trapezoid is really a good tool to calculate four –sided any kind of geometric figure.  It mostly two sides are parallels and two sides can be any length and at any angle

The Supplementary angle calculator tool will help you calculate all your calculations and you will be able to do that so easily with this tool. It’s really a reliable tool to use. 

A semi-circle always features a degree of 180, hence the term semi, which suggests half a circle. I think you'll be visiting this page to calculate the world of an arc, or piece of a circle because semi-circle can sometimes be considered ambiguous.

A circle calculator is a good calculator to calculate a circle. This circle tool is totally free and you can use this tool as in 

Kite tool is a really great tool and you can use this tool totally free. It’s a web-based tool that will help you a lot. But before using this tool you should know about this so that’s why we have given fully detailed information in this article.

 The area of a parallelogram is twice the area of a triangle created by one of its diagonals. The area of a parallelogram is also equal to the magnitude of the vector cross product of two adjacent sides.

This tool is really an amazing tool to use and this tool are totally free and web based tool so anyone can use this tool anytime they want. This tool you be providing you really quick problem solving option.