Circle Calculator

A circle calculator is a good calculator to calculate a circle. This circle tool is totally free and you can use this tool as in 




$$ A = \pi r^2$$ $$A = \pi \times 12^2$$ $$A = 144 \pi$$ $$A = 452.389342$$


$$A=\pi r^2$$

About circle Area Calculator

About circle Area Calculator

A circle calculator is a good calculator to calculate a circle. This circle tool is totally free and you can use this tool as in 

Out of all the geometric shapes and figures, the circle may be a fascinating form present around us. The metro coin ticket, normal coins, the sun are all circular in shape. Just a couple of important things in our lives that is circular in shape. And have you ever considered what percentage sides a circle has or about the perimeter of a circle? Allow us to study what's a circle intimately.

Center of a Circle

The center of a circle is that the center point during a circle from which all the distances to the points on the circle are equal. This distance is named the radius of the circle.

Here, point P is the center of the circle.

Semicircle: A semi-circle is half a circle, formed by cutting an entire circle along a line segment passing through the middle of the circle. This line segment is named the diameter of the circle.

Quarter Circle: A quarter-circle maybe a quarter of a circle, formed by splitting a circle into 4 equal parts or a semicircle into 2 equal parts.  Quarter circles are additionally called a quadrant.

Terms associated with Circle


The diameter may be a line that is drawn across a circle passing through the center.


The distance from the center or center of a circle towards any point thereon may be a radius. Interestingly, once you place two radii back-to-back, the resultant would hold an equivalent length together diameter. Therefore, we will call one diameter twice as long because of the concerned radius.


A line segment that joins two points present on a curve is the chord. In geometry, the usefulness of a chord is concentrated on describing a line segment connecting two endpoints that rest on a circle.

Tangent & Arc

A line that slightly touches the circle on its visit a special direction is Tangent. On the opposite hand, a neighborhood of the circumference is an Arc.

Sector & Segment

A sector may be a part of a circle surrounded by two radii of it alongside their intercepted arc.

How to use a circle area calculator?

This circle area calculator is a really easy to use it a free and web-based tool that is really great. This calculator we have created for students who want to calculate is really quickly. This tool is really fast and does your calculation very quickly. You can use it on a desktop and you can also use it on the phone too so it’s become really reliable.

So as you can see in this tool you have only one text box that radio one and you have to enter the value in this box to calculate the circle.

So enter the vale in it and then you have to click on the calculate button which is given below. 

After you will click on the button then you will be able to get the proper result.

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Q. What Is Meant By Circle?

A. In Mathematics, The Circle Is Defined As A Two-dimensional Closed Figure Where All Points On The Surface Of The Circle Are Equidistant From The Centre Point. The Space Between The Centre And Therefore The Surface Of The Circle Is Named The Radius. The Diameter Is That The Line That Passes From One Side Of The Circle To The Opposite Side Through The Middle . The Diameter Is Double The Radius. The World And Therefore The Circumference Of The Circle Is Given By The Formula, Area Of The Circle, A = πr2 Square Units Circumference/perimeter Of The Circle= 2πr Units