Addition Calculator

Addition calculator is an online web-based tool that will help you add any two numbers. 

Addition Calculator

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Adding numbers is not so simple all the time.

About the addition calculator

Addition calculator is an online web-based tool that will help you add any two numbers.  I know it’s really a basic tool that will help you add numbers, everyone knows about it so why do we need a calculator. Here is the answer to it. Some people know how to do it manually or even by counting it in their mind because it’s really a simple thing in mathematics even 3 or 5 years child know how to add or subtract any value if they go to school. But it’s always easy right such as what if I will ask you what is the addition of (10 + 10) then you will directly say 20 because you know the answer and it was really a simple question but what if I will ask you how much 189737 + 198798, now see you have to count and you are even taking time to add it and so that’s why we have this calculator which will add it in a second that 189737 + 198798 is equal to 388535, (189737 + 198798 = 388535) so in this case, this tool is really useful.

Definition of addition

In Mathematics, addition is one of the arithmetic operations. It gives the sum of the numbers. In other words, the method of adding the numbers together is named addition. The symbol that represents the addition is “+”. The result obtained from the addition process is named the sum. The numbers which are added together are called addends.

In our calculator, we have given two blank boxes where you can add your value, and then you can calculate it by clicking on the calculate button.

It is one of the basic operation arithmetic, like these basic operations;

  • Subtraction,
  • Multiplication, and
  • Division

Addition use to have two properties and that is commutative and associativity.

Commutative: it means is that you can change the place of both value there is no fixed place of any of the numbers in it and it doesn’t even change the addition result Such as;

A + B = B + A

Associativity: in this property when you add more than 2 numbers then it does not matter if you add the first number with the second number or third number.  As you can see here (A + B) + C = A + (B +C)

Now when you keep adding positive number then it will continue like this but when you will not add positive numbers and you try to add negative numbers then it will be like this A + (-B) = A - B

In case if the positive number requires subtraction have to subtract the negative value from the positive value as I have shown above (A + (-B) = A – B).

Adding numbers is not so simple all the time.

The addition definition math gives you is as easy as you thought it'd be - add variety to the opposite, and you get the result. However, as you're here, we both realize it won't be that straightforward. Sometimes, the numbers are huge. The opposite option is that they are negative or even fractions. Altogether of those situations, our calculator works smoothly and provides you the proper answer.


The earliest discovered evidence suggests addition was used between 20.000 and 18.000 years BC. Fortunately, now that you simply have out addition calculator, you do not need to roll in the hay manually anymore!

How to use this additional tool

This tool is really simple to use and this tool is free to use for anyone. It is a web-based tool that will really help you add a large number when you won’t be able to do it manually and instantly then this tool comes into play it will help you calculate your all large number in seconds.

Even if you will add numbers in negative then still you will be able to calculate your value right.

Such as A+ (-B) = A + B

So this is how it works. It will help your needs.

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