The slope is mostly defined as the (m), there is any Clarification about why m is used to define the slope.

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$$X_1=3,Y_1=3$$ $$X_2=5,Y_2=-4$$


$$Slope (M) = -3.5$$

Formula :

$$slope = {(y_2 - y_1)}{(x_2 - x_1)}$$

What is slope and how to calculate it?

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The slop and the gradient are the numbers that describe stiffness and the Direction of a line. The slope is mostly defined as the (m), there is any Clarification about why m is used to define the slope. In 1844 it was appeared and used in English O'Brien. Who the equation “y = mx + b” you can also find it in Todhunter in 1888 and it was written as “y = mx + c”.

The slope is calculated by finding the ratio of vertical changes to horizontal change between any two distinct points on a line. Sometimes the ratio is expressed as a quotient ("rise over run"), giving an equivalent number for every two distinct points on an equivalent line. A-line that's decreasing features a negative "rise". The road could also be practical - as set by a road surveyor, or during a diagram that models a road or a roof either as an outline or as an idea.

The steepness, incline, or grade of a line is measured by absolutely the value of the slope. A slope with a greater definite quantity indicates a steeper line. The direction of a line is increasing, decreasing, horizontal, or vertical.

A line is going up from left to right then it means the line increasing. The slope is positive, i.e. m>0.

A line is going down from left to right then it means the line Decreasing. The slope is negative, i.e. m

And if the line is horizontal that means the slope is zero “0”.

If a line is vertical then it means the slope is undefined.

Before using this tool you have to understand how to find the scope.


The rise of a road between two points is that the difference between the altitude of the road at those two points, say y1 and y2, or in other words, the increase is (y2 − y1) = Δy. For relatively short distances, where the earth's curvature could also be neglected, the run is that the difference in distance from a hard and fast point measured alongside A level, horizontal line, or in other words, the run is (x2 − x1) = Δx. Here the slope of the road between the 2 points is just described because of the ratio of the altitude changes to the horizontal distance between any two points on the road.

In mathematical language, the slope m of the road is

m= y2-y1/x2-x1.

The concept of slope applies to grades or gradients in geography and engineering. Through trigonometry, the slope m of a line is said to its angle of incline θ by the tangent function


Thus, a 45° rising line features a slope of +1 and a 45° falling line features a slope of −1.

Let’s see an example here to find the slope:

As we know the formula m= y2-y1/x2-x1

So we will use the value as in (x1,y1),  (x2- y2)(3, 8), and (-2, 10)

You have to input the value into the formula as in m=(10-8)/(-2 -3)

Now you have to subtract it to get 2/(-5).

Simplify the function to get the slope of -2/5

You can check your results using our Slope calculator tool

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