Percentage Increase Calculator

The percentage Increase tool is really an important tool if you want to increase one value into another value while the percentage of the original amount value will be the same.

Percentage Increase Calculator


$$Initial\ Value=9$$ $$Final\ Value=15$$


$$Percentage\ Increase=66.6667\% \ increase$$


$$Percentage\ Increase=\frac{(Final\ Value-Initial\ Value)}{|Initial\ Value|}* 100$$

What is percentage Increase Calculator?


The percentage Increase calculator is really a good Tool for everyone this tool really does amazing work. It is really helpful for students out there who need this tool. Everything is online these days so that’s why we have created this Amazing Percent Increase calculator tool that is totally free & web-based tool. Our education system has gone online now and then so this tool is really reliable for this era and for students who study digitally.

The percentage Increase tool is really an important tool if you want to increase one value into another value while the percentage of the original amount value will be the same.

It will be really battered for you guys to understand this tool how this tool works before using this tool. You should also understand how much this tool is beneficial. Using the right formula to calculate this percentage increase.

Let’s understand how to calculate percentage increase

The basic concept of percent is basically the amount of increase from the original number to the final number in terms of the partition of the original number 100 times.

If you increase the 5 percent would indicate that when you do the partition of the original value 100 times that value will be an increase in 5 parts means 5 percent. So whenever the original value will increase 14 percent then the value will increase 14 for every 100 parts or units.  

And it will always increase 28 percent by every 200 units and so on. To understand this tool properly we will go through an example which will help us understand this tool more easily and more correctly and how does this tool work, you will be able to understand.

An example to understand percentage increase formula

 The percentage increase formula is as follows:

% Increase = 100 x (final value-initial value)/|original value|


Percent increase = [(new value - original value)/original value] * 100


Here is an example using this formula. Suppose you invested in a company $1250 and this value increased by $1445 dollars just in a year. Then how will you calculate the percentage increase of that investment?

  • To solve this question you have to follow these steps:
  • You have to identify the original value and the new value.
  • Input the value in the formula that you have given in the example.
  • You have to Subtracts the initial value from the final value.
  • Then you have to divide the subtracted value from the original initial value.
  • Now multiply the result value by 100 as shown in the formula, that you will get the correct value.

Here is the manual working example if we do:

  • [(1,445 - 1,250)/1,250] * 100
  • (195/1,250) * 100
  • 0.156 * 100
  • 15.6 percent increase. This is the right way to do it and it’s the right answer, you can calculate it if you want.


This percentage increase tool is really a great tool to solve normal problems. It can also be used to solve complex problems which include the percentage increase. Then you will find out this tool is really useful and reliable. Anyone can use this tool as per their requirements.



There are some advantages that are as follows:

  • The percentage increase tool is useful when you have to analyze how a value has chances with time.
  • This tool is similar to the absolute increase and the formula is more useful when you will compare the multiple data sets.
  • This tool is really helpful for students while solving mathematic problems.
  • This tool is useful to calculate the complex problems of (percentage increase) in a very simple way.