Percentage of a Percentage Calculator

Percentage of percentage is really a good and free web-based tool that will help you multiply percent % by percent %.

Percentage of a Percentage Calculator


$$1st\ Percentage=0.25$$ $$1st\ Percentage=0.33$$


$$0.33\% Of\ 0.25\% = 0.000825\%$$ $$Cumulative\ Perc. =0.000825\%$$


$$P=\frac{Percents\ 1}{100} *\frac{Percents\ 2}{ 100}*100$$

What is Percentage of a Percentage?


Percentage of percentage is really a good and free web-based tool that will help you multiply percent % by percent %. It’s really an easy tool to use and really very useful.

There are many students who can take advantage of it.  They can use it to solve many mathematical problems. Mostly related to the problems which are percentage calculation.

But in this case, we will be calculating a percentage of a percentage we are really simple to do with the help of this tool. This word percent % is derived from Latin per centum, it means 100 hundred or by the hundred 100. And the sign of the percentage (%) evolves by gradual construction of Italian term of per cento, means for a “100” hundred. As the “per” often brief as “p”- eventually disappear entirely.

A percentage is created by two circles which are separated by one horizontal line from which the modern symbol is defined as “%”.

Calculations or percentage with example

The percent value is mostly computed by multiplying the numeric value of the ratio by 100. For example 100 apples as a percent of 2500 apples, so first we have to compound the given value like this 100/2500=0.04, and then you have to multiply it by “100” hundred to obtain 4% percent.

The percent value is also calculated by multiplying by 100 first rather than later, so the example that you have seen above it will become 100x100=10,000 now that when we will divide it by 2500 then the percentage value will be 4% percent.

Now that we will see how to calculate percentage of a percentage

To calculate any problem of the percentage what we have to do is we have to convert both percentages into fractions of 100 or you can convert it into decimals and then multiply both of them. Such as you can see in the example:

25% of 20% is

25/100 x 20/100 = 0.25 x 0.20 = 0.05 = 0.05x100 = 5%

 It is not correct to calculate as you will divide by 100 and use the percentage sign at the same time. Example 25%=25/100 =0.25, you cannot write 25%/100, it’s incorrect. This actually becomes 25/100/100=0.0025. Also in terms 100/100 will also be incorrect, science it would be read as 1 percent, even if the intent was to say 100%.

How to use this tool

To use this free web-based tool is really simple as you have read above we have properly mentioned how percentage works and then we have explained it with an example which is really easy to understand.

Even if you don’t know how to calculate the percentage then you don’t have to worry, we are here with this tool to help you. You don’t have to worry about the formula we have already created this tool in a way that doesn’t need any kind of formula to apply to it.

You just have to put the value in it and it will help you with the calculation and you will get the correct result.

You have to fill the first percentage value in the first one and then the second percentage value in the second text box and it will calculate your percentage of a percentage.

Tips: Bookmark this tool so that you will use it later and you don’t have to search on Google for it once again.

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