Exponential Distribution

Exponential Distribution is a great tool to use. Our developer has created really a good tool that really helps so many students.

Exponential distribution


$$\normalsize\ percentile\ x (x≧0)= 1$$ $$\normalsize\ scale\ parameter\ b (b>0) = 2$$


$$probability\ density\ f\ =0.135335283236612691894$$ $$lower\ cumulative\ P\ =0.864664716763387308106$$


$$\normalsize Exponential\ distribution$$ $$(1)\ probability\ density$$ $$\hspace{30px}f(x,b)={\large\frac{1}{b}e^{-\frac{x}{b}}}$$ $$(2)\ lower\ cumulative\ distribution$$ $$\hspace{30px}P(x,b)={\large\int_{\small 0}^{\small x}}f(t,b)dt={\large 1-e^{-\frac{x}{b}}}$$

How to use this Exponential Distribution?

Exponential Distribution is a great tool to use. Our developer has created really a good tool that really helps so many students. The students need not to carry any calculator with them because this tool is enough for them. With the help of this tool, they can solve the whole equation. 

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Even if you don’t know what is exponential and how you can solve this equation then you can read our small article which is below.

What is Exponential Distribution?

The dramatic appropriation is one of the generally utilized persistent conveyances. It is frequently used to demonstrate the time passed between occasions. We will currently numerically characterize the remarkable dispersion, and determine its mean and anticipated worth. At that point we will build up the instinct for the appropriation and talk about a few fascinating properties that it has. 

A constant irregular variable X is said to have a dramatic circulation with boundary λ>0, appeared as X ∼ Exponential (λ), if its PDF is given by

It is advantageous to utilize the unit step work characterized as 

So we can compose the PDF of an Exponential(λ) arbitrary variable as 

Allow us to discover its CDF, mean and change. For x>0, we have 

So we can communicate the CDF as 

Let X∼Exponential(λ). We can locate its normal incentive as follows, utilizing incorporation by parts:


Now, let’s find out var (X). so here we have

So after this we obtain,


How to use this Exponential Distribution?

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Q. What Is Exponential Distribution?

A. The Dramatic Appropriation Is One Of The Generally Utilized Persistent Conveyances.