Laplace Distribution

This calculator is really great for solving your equation related to Laplace Distribution.

Laplace distribution


$$\normalsize\ percentile\ x= 5$$ $$\normalsize\ location\ parameter\ a= 6$$ $$\normalsize\ scale parameter b (b>0)= 1.5$$


$$● probability\ density\ f\ =0.171139039677530675624$$ $$● lower\ cumulative\ P\ =0.256708559516296013436$$


$$\normalsize Laplace\ distribution$$ $$ (1)\ probability\ density\\ \hspace{30px}f(x,a,b)={\large\frac{1}{2b}e^{-\frac{|x-a|}{b}}}$$ $$(2)\ lower\ cumulative\ distribution\\ \hspace{30px}P(x,a,b)={\large\int_{\small-\infty}^{\small x}}f(t,a,b)dt$$

How to use this Laplace Distribution tool by

This calculator is really great for solving your equation related to Laplace Distribution. This tool is free and web-based so anyone can use it from anywhere. This tool will help you not just calculate some parts of your equation problem but in actuality, it will help you solve the whole problem.

You will not get step by step solved equation with this software but you will definitely get the right answer from here. For someone who is looking for a quick problem-solving calculator tool then this tool by is really great for them. Because this tool can solve your equation in just a second after you will input all your value in the text box.

We have developed this tool by looking at the generation of this digital era. Nowadays everything has gone online then why not this calculator too. So that any student who is studying online can solve their equation online and really quick so they don’t have to waste time-solving manually. 

But solving equations manually is also a good habit that will help you in the exams. And if you want to know a little bit about Laplace distribution then you can have a look at the below description about Laplace distribution.

What is Laplace Distribution?

On the off chance that X and Y are two indistinguishable autonomous Expand (s) Distribution, and in the event that X is moved m to one side of Y, at that point (X-Y) is a Laplace (m, s) Distribution. The Laplace Distribution has an irregular, symmetric shape with a sharp pinnacle and tails that are longer than the tails of a Normal circulation. The figure beneath plots a Laplace (0, 1) against a Normal (0, 1) circulation: 

The Laplace Distribution has discovered an assortment of quite certain utilizations, however they practically all identify with the way that it has long tails contrasted with the Normal conveyance. It has as of late become very main stream in demonstrating monetary factors (Brownian Laplace movement) like stock returns on account of the more noteworthy tails. The Laplace circulation is widely inspected in the monograph Kotz et al (2001).


How to use this Laplace Distribution tool by

Using this tool is really easy so easy and this tool will help you a lot and its really quick. And as you know this tool is totally free and even you can use it anywhere in the whole world because this tool is web based.

So now let’s see how you can use this tool.

So in this tool you have three text boxes where you have to enter the proper value of your equation that you are facing problem in.

  • First one is the percentile X 
  • Second one is location parameter a
  • Third one is scale parameter b (b>0)

Now in this text boxes you have to enter the proper value in here.

After that you simply have to click on the calculate button to get your result.

That’s all you have to do to use this tool. Even you think you can use this tool in the future then you just have to bookmark this tool and you don’t have to search it again.


Q. What Is Laplace Distribution?

A. On The Off Chance That X And Y Are Two Indistinguishable Autonomous Expand (s) Distribution, And In The Event That X Is Moved M To One Side Of Y, At That Point (X-Y) Is A Laplace (m, S) Distribution.