Weighted mean

The weighted mean is a nice calculator tool that will help you do a lot of things. This tool Is a free and web-based tool and this thing makes it more continent for everyone.

Weighted mean


$$Data\ set\ x = 3, 8, 10, 17, 24, 27$$ $$Data\ set\ y = 2, 8, 10, 13, 18, 20$$ $$Total\ number\ of\ elements = 6$$


Weighted mean $$=(3 x 2) + ( 8 x 8) + ( 10 x 10) + ( 17 x 13) + ( 24 x 18) + ( 27 x 20)$$ $$2 + 8 + 10 + 13 + 18 + 20$$ $$=6 + 64 + 100 + 221 + 432 + 540$$ $$=71$$ $$=1363$$ $$=71$$ $$Weighted\ Mean = 19.1972$$

How to use this weighted mean calculator?

The weighted mean is a nice calculator tool that will help you do a lot of things. This tool Is a free and web-based tool and this thing makes it more continent for everyone. This is really a great tool to use. This tool is really fast and it can help your solve your problem so quickly.

This tool is more convenient and this tool is really nice, it is mainly made for students or any individual who want to use this tool or need to use this tool. 

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what is weighted mean?

Weighted Mean is a normal process by giving various loads to a portion of the individual qualities. There are some chances that all the loads are equivalent, at that point the weighted mean is equivalent to the number juggling mean. 

It speaks to the normal of the given information. The Weighted mean is like the number juggling mean or test mean. The Weighted mean is determined when information is given in an alternate manner contrasted with the number-crunching mean or test mean. 

Weighted methods for the most part act in a comparative way to deal with number juggling implies, they do have a couple of counter-instinctual properties. Information components with a high weight offer more to the weighted mean than the components with a low weight. 

The loads can't be negative. Some might be zero, yet not every one of them; since division by zero isn't permitted. Weighted methods assume a significant part in the frameworks of information examination, weighted differential, and essential math.

Formula to use weighted mean

Here is the formula of weighted mean to use and solve your problem manually too if you want. 

The Weighted mean forgiven arrangement of non-negative information x1,x2,x3,… .xn

 with non-negative loads w 1, w2,w3,… .wn can be gotten from the recipe given beneath. 



x is the rehashing esteem 

w is the number of events of x weight 

x¯¯¯ is the weighted mean

How to use this weighted mean calculator?

To use this tool you need not worry about anything you just have to follow some simple steps and then you are good to go. This tool has a very simple interface that anybody can understand it really well and this will be a great option for so many students.

Now as you can see in this tool you have a box where you are going to input the value in it.

So enter the value in here and crosscheck it.

After you will enter the right value in the text box you will simply have to click on the calculate button then you will get your answer really quick.

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Q. What Is Weighted Mean?

A. Weighted Mean Is A Normal Process By Giving Various Loads To A Portion Of The Individual Qualities.