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\(Meters\) \(m\)
\(Meters\) \(m\)
\(Meters\) \(m\)


$$Dl= 0.3\ Meters (m)$$ $$Ds=0.15\ Meters (m)$$ $$L=1.5\ Meters (m)$$


$$Belt\ Length = \frac{(0.3 + 0.15) * π} { 2} + \\ \frac {(0.3 - 0.15) * arc\ sin((0.3 - 0.15)}{2*1.5} +2 * √(1.52− 0.25 * (0.3 - 0.15)2) $$ $$= 3.71 m$$


$$Belt\ length =\frac {(DL + DS) * π} {2} + \frac {(DL - DS) * arc\ sin((DL - DS)} {2L} + 2 * √(L2− 0.25 * (DL - DS)2)$$ where:
DL is the diameter of the large pulley.
DS is the diameter of the smaller pulley.
L is s the distance between the pulley axles.

How to use a belt length calculator?

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what is Belt length Calculator?

Welcome to the belt length mini-computer! On the off chance that you need to decide the length of any belt - be it planning, ribbed, level, or v-belt - you are in the perfect spot. In the accompanying content, we will acquaint you with the belt length equation and tell you the best way to utilize it. 

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Two pulley framework - belt length 

Pulleys can follow their sources too before 200 B.C. Initially, they were utilized to lift pails of water from wells, waterways, and so on These days, they are all over - in timekeepers systems, on building destinations, and in lifts. What's more, that is only a hint of something larger. A framework like this is utilized to communicate force (or force) across axles, giving mechanical development. 

Plan of a two-pulley framework joined by a belt 

How about we figure out how to ascertain the length of a belt in a two-pulley framework with contrasting distances across of pulleys. You can do it by contributing the distance between the axles of the pulleys and their measurements into the accompanying equation: 

Belt length = ((DL + DS) * π/2) + (DL - DS) * arcsin((DL - DS)/2L) + 2 * √(L2− 0.25 * (DL - DS)2) 


  • DL is the breadth of the enormous pulley; 
  • DS is the breadth of the more modest pulley; and 
  • L is the distance between the pulley axles. 
  • With our belt length mini-computer, you can likewise figure the distance between the focuses of two pulley

How to use a belt length calculator?

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