Inductor Energy Storage

This tool is really nice to use. It is a free web based tool that will help you  calculate the inductor energy storage.


Input data

$$Inductance\ (L)=10 \ Henries$$ $$Current\ (I)=150 \ Ampere$$

Solution :

$$Stored\ energy (E)=112500\ Joules$$


$$E = 1/2 * L * I^2$$ Where
I is the current flowing through the wire.

How to use this calculator?

This tool is really nice to use. It is a free web based tool that will help you  calculate the inductor energy storage. This tool is really a quick tool and it can be really great we you use it. This tool will provide you instant solution. This tool can be the best option for you to solve your equation related to the Inductor. 

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What is Inducator Energy Storage?

A solenoid is quite possibly the most widely recognized electronic parts. solenoid can produce attractive fields, and the simplicity with which the solenoid can make this field is known as its inductance. Know that this attractive field is available just if there is a current course through the curl. Strangely, the attractive field aggregates a part of energy, which can be delivered (or assimilated) at whatever point the estimation of the current changes. That is the motivation behind why an inductor is a wellspring of impedance in an AC circuits. 

Here is the equation of the Inducator energy storage.

Expecting we have an electrical circuit containing a force source and a solenoid of inductance L, we can compose the condition of attractive energy, E, put away in the Inductor as: 

E = 1/2 * L * I², 

where I is the current coursing through the wire. 

At the end of the day, we can say that this energy is equivalent to the work done by the force source to make a particularly attractive field. 

As should be obvious, the energy put away in an inductor relies upon the current to the subsequent force. This discloses to us that the solenoid forestalls an unexpected current flood in the circuit, and that is the motivation behind why we can see a flash while unplugging some electronic gadgets.

How to use this calculator?

Using this tool is really easy and it is also fee and web based tool that can be used from anywhere around the world. You just have to follow some very simple steps to use this calculator.

As you can see in this tool you have Two text box Inductance (L), Current (I). where you are going to input your equation value.

We have also provided an example and formula too so that you can solve it manually too. So enter the value of your equation in the text box.

After that you just have to click on the calculate button which Is down below the text box. So that you will get the answer.

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Q. What Is Inducator Energy Storage?

A. A Solenoid Is Quite Possibly The Most Widely Recognized Electronic Parts. Solenoid Can Produce Attractive Fields, And The Simplicity With Which The Solenoid Can Make This Field Is Known As Its Inductance.