magnetic force on straight current carrying wire

This tool is really easy to use and it is a free web based tool which can be used from anywhere around the whole world.


Input data

$$Magnetic\ field= 45\ $$ $$Current =2\ m$$ $$Length= 250$$ $$Angle= 90\ Deg$$

Solution :

$$Force=22500\ N$$


$$F = I * B * L * sin(α)$$ Where
I is the current flowing through the wire;
B is the strength of magnetic field;
L is the length of the wire;
α is the angle between the direction of current and the direction of the magnetic field

How to use this tool magnet force on straight current sarring wire calculator.

This tool is really easy to use and it is a free web based tool which can be used from anywhere around the whole world. It works in all kind of devices, in your desktop, laptop and smartphone. So this tool is really nice to use and this tool is really great and so you don’t have to worry about how you will use it.

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What is magnetic force on straight current-carrying wire calculator.

Did you realize that power is in every case carefully connected to attraction? It is the consequence of one of Maxwell's conditions which says that streaming electric flow delivers an attractive field. Allow us to consider the instance of a long straight wire which conveys an electric flow. In this specific circumstance, attractive field lines structure concentric circles around the link and the strength of attractive field relies upon the separation from the wire and the current coursing through it. 

We can likewise wind a wire firmly in a slim loop framing solenoid. To become familiar with solenoid attempt our solenoids attractive field number cruncher.

How to use this tool magnet force on straight current Carring wire calculator.

To use this calculator you just have to follow some very simple steps and you’ll be ready to go, even its a free web based calculator which anyone can use and it is really easy to use tool.

In this calculator you have magnetic field, current, length and angle.

We have also provided you an example that how you are going to input your value in the text box and in which box what value you have to enter. So take a look at that example and then input your equation value or you can try enter example value to try if you get the right answer or not.

After that that you simple have to click on the calculate button which is given below the text box as you can see. And this tool will give you the answer which will be shown down below the example layout. 

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Q. What Is Magnetic Force On Straight Current-carrying Wire Calculator.

A. Did You Realize That Power Is In Every Case Carefully Connected To Attraction? It Is The Consequence Of One Of Maxwell's Conditions Which Says That Streaming Electric Flow Delivers An Attractive Field.