Drag Equation

Drag Equation calculator to free to use tool and its an web based tool and this is really a nice tool.

Input data

$$Density\ of\ fluid=1000 \ kg/m^3$$ $$Velocity = 0.3\ m/s$$ $$Drag\ coefficient= 0.82$$ $$Area= 1\ m^2$$

Solution :

$$Drag\ Force = 36.9\ N$$


$$Fd = 1/2 * ρ * u² * A * Cd$$ where
Fd is the drag force.
ρ is the liquid's density,
u is the relative velocity,
A is the reference area,
Cd is the drag coefficient.

How to use this Drag Equation calculator?

Drag Equation calculator to free to use tool and its an web based tool and this is really a nice tool.  This tool can be so helpful for so many students and this tool can be used from anywhere in the world. 

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What is Drag Equation Calculator?

Suppose if an object move through any fluid then, then it encounters an resisting force, that is called the drag Force. And the force value depends on the Size and shapes of the object that Is moving though the object. And also its depends on the density of fluid and relative velocity of the object and also fluid.

Here is the equation of the Drag 

Fd = 1/2 * ρ * u² * A * Cd 


Fd is the drag power. 

ρ is the fluid's thickness, 

u is the relative speed, 

An is the reference zone, 

Cd is the drag coefficient. 

The reference zone A for an object of a straightforward shape is the cross-sectional zone symmetrical to the heading of the movement. For instance, for a circle of span r, we would just take A = π * r². For an object of a more convoluted shape, similar to a vehicle, the reference zone is more hard to indicate, yet as a rule, it's bigger than the cross-sectional region. 

How to use this Drag Equation calculator?

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Q. What Is Drag Equation Calculator?

A. Suppose If An Object Move Through Any Fluid Then, Then It Encounters An Resisting Force, That Is Called The Drag Force