stokes law

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Input data

$$Acceleration\ of\ gravity (g)=9.80665 \ kg/m^2$$ $$Medium\ viscosity (μ) = 0.3\ m/s$$ $$Medium\ density (ρ_m)= 0.82$$ $$Particle\ density (ρ_p)= 1\ m^2$$ $$Particle\ diameter (d)=$$

Solution :

$$Terminal\ velocity (v) = 33.94$$


$$v = gd²(ρ_p - ρ_m)/(18μ)$$ where:
v is the terminal velocity of a spherical particle;
g is the gravitational acceleration - for Earth, equal to 9.80665 m/s²;
d is the particle diameter;
ρp is the density of the particle;
ρm is the density of the fluid; and
μ is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid

How to use this Stokes law calculator?

This calculator Is really nice calculator that will help you to solve lot of your problem and it will do it really quick. This tool is really quick and this will be really helpful for so many people because this tool is a web based tool. 

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What is Stokes Law?

The thickness of a liquid (gas or fluid) makes its protection from shearing stresses. For example, nectar, which is "thicker" than water, has a lot higher thickness as is more impervious to shear stresses. The units of thickness are pascal times second (Pa·s). 

On the off chance that you need to imagine what thickness means for a fluid, think about a surge of water and nectar streaming down the incline. Water has low consistency, so it will move quicker. The nectar, then again, will stream gradually absolutely as a result of its thickness.

How to use this Stokes law calculator?

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Q. What Is Stokes Law?

A. The Thickness Of A Liquid (gas Or Fluid) Makes Its Protection From Shearing Stresses. For Example, Nectar, Which Is "thicker" Than Water, Has A Lot Higher Thickness As Is More Impervious To Shear Stresses.