Angular Velocity

Angular velocity is a tool that will help you solve problem related to an rotational object rotation rate

Input Data

$$Angle\ change (Δα)= 10\ deg$$ $$Time (t)= 5\ Sec$$


$$Angular velocity (ω) = 0.03491\ rad/sec$$


$$Angular\ velocity (ω)=\frac {Angle\ change (Δα)}{Time (t)}$$

Input Data

$$Velocity (v)= 54\ m/s$$ $$Radius (r)= 6\ m$$


$$Angular\ velocity (ω) = 9\ radians\ per\ second$$


$$Angular\ velocity (ω) =\frac {Velocity (v)}{Radius (r)}$$

How to use this Angular Velocity calculator?

Angular velocity is a tool that will help you solve problem related to an rotational object rotation rate. Its also called as a rotational frequency. So this calculator is really easy to use and it can help you solve your problem really quick. 

You can use this tool as much as you can there is no limit of using this tool. You need not to provide any email or register to use this tool so don’t worry. This tool is totally free and it is a web based tool so that any one can use this tool 

any can use this from around the whole world. So this is really an amazing thing. This tool works in all devices so need not to worry. It works in desktop and it also works in smart phone.

 Even if someone don’t know about this topic then still can use this tool. And also they can learn from here a little about this topic.

What is Angular velocity calculator?

Angular velocity the rotational development of bodies. It gauges how quick they move around some focal point of turn. We can consider two various types of turns. The first portrays the movement of the focal point of mass of a given article around a particular point in space, which can be Represent as a beginning. A few models incorporate planets moving around the Sun, or it can be vehicle taking turn on the  Highway.

The subsequent one tells about the pivot of the body around its own focal point of mass - the turn (not to be mistaken for the quantum property of particles, additionally called turn). Definitely you've seen a b-ball player turning a ball on his finger. 

By and large, we can say the quicker the development, the higher the Angular velocity. To characterize some particular qualities, we need to proceed onward to the precise speed conditions, portrayed in the following area. 

Here is the Angular velocity formula 

In this Angular velocity number, we utilize two distinct equations of Angular velocity, contingent upon what input boundaries you have. 

The primary Angular velocity condition is practically equivalent to the condition for direct speed: 

ω = (αâ‚‚ - α₁)/t = Δα/t, 

where α₁ and αâ‚‚ are two estimations of points on a circle, and Δα is their distinction. t is the time wherein the point change happens. As should be obvious, for the typical velocity there is a proportion of the positional change in a period, while here we use point rather than distance. 

The second precise speed recipe can be gotten from the connection of the angular velocity and the span utilizing the cross item, which is: 

v = ω × r. 

We can revamp this articulation to acquire the condition of angular velocity: 

ω = r × v/|r|², 

where these factors are vectors, and |r| indicates the supreme estimation of the range. All things considered, the precise speed is a pseudo vector, the heading of which is opposite to the plane of the rotational development.

How to use this Angular Velocity calculator?

To use this tool you don’t need to do lot of things. You just have to follow some very simple steps and that’s all you have to do to get the result.

So here is some steps that will be useful.

As you can see in your desktop screen you have the tool open and in this tool we have given text box where you can enter your value and also you can edit the value.

So enter the value in the box and also double check it or we also have provided how you have to enter the value so take a look and then you can enter the value.

After that you just have to click on the calculate button and that will give you the right answer.


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Q. What Is Angular Velocity Calculator?

A. Angular Velocity The Rotational Development Of Bodies. It Gauges How Quick They Move Around Some Focal Point Of Turn. We Can Consider Two Various Types Of Turns.